A healthy body and mind is focused, productive, and ready to take on the day. And by body, I mean the back as well.

The back or specifically, the spine is a very important, albeit overlooked part of the body. For one, it supports the entire upper body. The spine also holds the spinal cord, part of the central nervous system. This just means that we have to take extra care of our backs so we don’t increase the likelihood of spine damage. Exercises and proper back maintenance is the trick.

best inversion table reviews

Inversion therapy is scientifically proven to decompress the spine and increase blood flow throughout the body. Furthermore, using an inversion table properly diminishes muscle fatigue caused by improper posture, strenuous activity, or inactivity.

Yes, a strong and relaxed back makes every waking (and probably sleeping) life enjoyable. And a good inversion table can help you achieve that. However, choosing one is not an easy task – there’s a plethora of information out there that can confuse even the most experienced buyers. Not to worry though, because we’ll help you find the best inversion table for your body.

We’ve scoured every bit of information there is about inversion tables and condensed it into this easy-to-use handy-dandy guide!

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5 Best Inversion Tables In The Market Today

Ironman Gravity 4000


The Ironman Gravity 4000, is by far the best inversion table on the market. Don’t be surprised though because this is made by Ironman, one of the most successful gym and exercise equipment manufacturers.

The Gravity 4000 boasts a 350-pound capacity tubular steel frame and a 180-degree vertical inverting position. The back is pretty solid, yet comfortable because it’s made from memory foam nylon. I also use the free lumbar rest that comes with the package whenever I use the machine although usage should depend on how curved your back is.

This is pretty standard stuff with inversion tables, but what really sold us is its ergonomically molded ankle cushions which reduce stress on the ankles – we can now have 15 to 20-minute comfortable inversion sessions from 10 minutes.

It can be folded as well which makes it a good choice for individuals who doesn’t have the luxury of space. Furthermore, Gravity 4000’s non-skid floor stabilizers will make accidents are at bay.

Overall, the Gravity 4000 is the best model you can currently get your hands on.

Teeter Hang Ups Ep 950


The EP 950 made it to this list because of its patented “Flex Technology” which lets the table follow your body movement. It’s basically just a highfalutin term for having a flexible backrest although it really does give you more freedom with the inversion table. This in turn leads to better spine realignment, blood flow, and muscle relaxation.

The EP-950 also features an easy-to-release ankle clamp mechanism thanks to its “Ratchet Ankle Lock System” another highfalutin term for an easy to reach lever. Gone are the days when you have to struggle and bend over to release those ankle clamps.

And while we’re riding the comfort train, the EP-950 also boasts “Ankle Comfort Dials” which lets you adjust the clamps depending on the size of your ankles. This is completely absent on lower end, basic inversion tables, as well as previous Teeter models like the EP-550 or F-8000. It also comes with a free Healthy Back DVD, which is pretty useful especially for those just starting out.

If you’re looking for something with more bells and whistles, this is the best inversion table for you.

Emer Foldable Table

emer foldable

If you’re looking for a no-frills inversion table and just want a simple inversion table that will decompress the spine, the INVR-03 is your best bet.

Sure, it doesn’t have the Flex Technology or Ankle Comfort Dials of the EP-950 or even the ankle cushion mechanism of the Gravity 4000, but it does win on the price department.

In this day and age, it’s quite hard to find an affordable inversion table, and when you do it’s usually crap. But the INVR-03 stands head and shoulders above other inversion tables it’s price range. Yes, it’s functions and features are truly rudimentary, but it does the job of safely inverting and decompressing your spine…and sometimes that is all we need.

Innova Fitness ITX9250

innova deluxe

If you’ve reached this point, you’re probably thinking that all inversion tables are the same aside from a few extra features here and there. You’re probably right – and minus the build quality almost all inversion tables are pretty much the same.

When you look at the ITX9250, you’ll probably say the same thing. But take a closer look and you’ll be surprised how the littlest of things look better.

The ITX9250 boasts a padded foam backrest and handle bars for extra comfortable inverting. It also features spring loaded ankle adjustment, although these are standard type foam leg rollers.

We also like the table’s 3-point safety T-bar which allows for comfortable and safe inverting and its Center Beam Adjust which allows the inversion table to cater for various weights and heights.

Health Mark Pro Max

health mark pro max

If you’re an inversion table connoisseur and looking to find a model that puts out all the stops, the Health Mark Pro Max is perfect for you. Avoided by other inversion table reviews because of its heavyweight price tag, Pro Max is the ultimate dark horse.

It’s one of the lightest inversion tables around because the frame is made of heavy-duty steel. Feature-wise, Pro Max is jam-packed as well – it boasts anti slip ankle and leg brackets, foam-covered wooden board, 5 preset   angles, 25 height settings, and 600-pound capacity. It’s also the only inversion table (to my knowledge) that works in face-down position.

If you’re looking for the sleekest inversion table around, the Health Mark Pro Max is the best inversion table for you.

Inversion Table Reviews and Guide

We hand-picked only the 10 top inversion tables in the market today and you can check them out on the list below. Out of that ten, we also picked 5 – the cream of the crop – and these are our best recommendations.

Inversion TablePriceMy RatingReview Link
IronMan Gravity 4000$$4.9Read My Review
Teeter Hangups EP-950$$$$4.0Read My Review
Emer Foldable$3.5Read My Review
Innova ITX9250$3.5Read My Review
Health Mark Pro Max$$$$$$$4.8Read My Review

Brands We Trust

Not to sound like we’re basing our reviews merely on brands, but inversion tables are like cars where the quality is carried by the brand name. Here are some inversion table brands we trust:

  • IronMan
  • Innova
  • Body Champ
  • Teeter Hang Ups
  • Emer
  • Soozier
  • Health Mark
  • Stamina

What Is An Inversion Table?

what is an inversion table

An inversion table is a simple back care machine that allows you to be safely inverted into varying degrees. It works with the aid of gravity decompresses the backbone and increase blood flow throughout the body. It’s also a good relaxation device so you’re always on the best possible condition!

Plenty of chiropractors and physical therapists have adopted the use of inversion tables – most say that this helps in quick and easy decompression and also provides a fun a quirky way to experience therapy…just think of it as an amusement park ride.

Generally, inversion tables can only turn 180-degrees, but most recent models are equipped with novelty items such massage vibrators that delivers a fuller “all-in-one” experience. Other machines, like the IronMan IFT 4000 features infrared technology that is said to bring about extra health benefits that normal run-of-the-mill inversion tables cannot deliver.

Benefits of An Inversion Table

disc problems

Decompress the spine – gravity, coupled with our lifestyle (such as sitting in in the office for 8 hours a day), puts stress on the spine and results to compression due to the pressure. Prolonged compression can result in complications especially if you don’t have proper posture to begin with or you have a back ailment such as scoliosis or sciatica.

A 30-degree inversion in the least, results to intervertebral decompression. Decompressing the spine allows the discs to re-hydrate and take a “rest”.

Relaxes the muscles – According to a study conducted by L.G. Nosse, a physiotherapist, inverting for at least 25 degrees reduces EMG (a muscle tension indicator) by more than 35%. This results to a more comfortable feeling on the back, much like how you feel after a good massage.

Helps skewed back – A misaligned back is usually caused by improper posture or strenuous activity involving the back. Couple this with the natural compression caused by gravity and the result is a skewed or misaligned back. This isn’t particularly scary or dangerous and most would only feel a slight discomfort, but prolonged activities that causes this, may result in irreversible damage to the spine.

To realign, you need at  least a traction force of 60% of your body weight, which is roughly equal to being inverted at a 60-degree angle.

Builds and Tones Back Muscles – For people with bad backs (i.e., sciatica and scoliosis), strong back muscles help. Inversion tables are good exercise machines for lower back muscles. We have an article here about exercises you can do with your inversion table.

Choose The Best Inversion Table

Inversion therapy is a guaranteed way to provide quick and long-lasting relief for painful backs. It’s also a great way to exercise and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Inversion tables are quite an investment to make, but they sure would last a long time. Gone are the days for gym membership fees and the 15-minute commute or drive to it. Having a home gym at your home with the best inversion table is one of the finest lifestyle decision you can make.