Emer Inversion Table Review

emer inversion table

Pressure easily builds up on the lumbar area or the lower back. From simply sitting at a desk in the office for hours on end each day, or from working out in the gym and lifting heavy weights, gravity has adverse effects on the spine, causing several problems that include sciatic nerve pain, herniated discs and scoliosis.

If you’re experiencing acute or chronic back pain, there is one easy way to reverse the effects of gravity on your spine. Inversion therapy is an exercise where a person hangs upside-down, whether completely or in an angled position, so as to decompress the spine and stretch the vertebrae, letting spinal fluid regenerate and, in result, eliminating back pain.

Inversion therapy can be done with an equipment called the inversion table. There are countless manufacturers of these devices currently in the market. In this review, however, we look at the Emer inversion table line and why this brand might be the best investment for you.

The Emer inversion table has four models —the Foldable Deluxe Leather, the Foldable Premium Gravity, the Gravity Fitness, and the Premium Gravity Back Therapy Fitness Exercise Inversion Table. All of which have almost similar features and qualities

Quick Summary


  • Affordable
  • 4 models to choose from
  • Good value for price


  • Difficult to assemble
  • Included tools are flimsy, weak
  • Limited storage options

Emer’s line of inversion tables are constructed with the user’s comfort and safety as top priority. Given the brand’s affordable prices, the customer is still provided with quality materials that make each buck worth it.

Emer Inversion Table Features

emer foldable

Emer’s four models have different maximum weight capacities. The Foldable Deluxe Leather and the Foldable Premium Gravity both can carry up to 330 pounds.

Meanwhile, the Gravity Fitness and the Premium Gravity Back Therapy Fitness Exercise both can only carry up to 300 pounds.

In addition, all four models can accommodate users from 4 feet and 10 inches to 6 feet and 6 inches. The foot rest is adjustable, allowing different users to use the equipment comfortably.

With the exception of the Gravity Fitness Therapy , which is made of meshed plastic, allowing the air to flow freely during exercise, Emer uses a padded leather material on three models.

Their frames are all made of high quality tubular steel that ensures stability during inversion therapy.

All four models also have padded ankle holders to secure the user on the equipment while performing inverted back stretches and exercises. They also have steel handlebars for an easy and firm grip.


long handles and thick foam

Emer is a good choice when it comes to inversion tables because all four of its models are priced on the lower end of the spectrum. Compared to some of its competitors, you will spend up to half as much in Emer as you will in other brands and models.

And even though this brand offers affordable inversion tables, it is still able to maintain quality in its products that takes comfort and safety into consideration.

Aside from their affordable prices, an Emer inversion table are also built with comfort in mind. First off, the padded material on three of its models is soft and firm, allowing the user to properly lay on the table.

Their ankle lock systems are also padded, with a quick release lever that lets the user leave the table without any problems.

These also have different angle settings from which the user can choose from. You can also preset the angle setting to a complete 180 degrees if you wish to do fully inverted exercises and stretches.



One of the biggest problems with the Emer inversion table line is that it is difficult to assemble. The manual that comes with the product is hard to understand, lacks details, and is written in poor English.

The tools provided in the package are also disposable and weak. And so, if you are planning on purchasing an Emer for your home, you might as well use your own tools during assembly.

While some of its competitors can be assembled in less than an hour, Emer tables need at least an hour and a half to complete set up. This accounts for the poorly constructed manual that come with the machine.

Moreover, only two of Emer’s models can be folded up for storage, and even then, these two models are too bulky to store underneath the bed.

Storage options are very limited as well; you can lean the foldable models against a wall or store them inside a closet. However, the Gravity Fitness  and the Premium Gravity Back Therapy Fitness Exercise will take a lot of room in your space.

If you have a small apartment or if you don’t have a room dedicated solely to workout equipment, this will pose a huge problem for you. You can probably move them around different parts of the house when you have guests coming over, but this option might be tedious for some people.

Lastly, the leather material on three models tables sometimes get slippery when it gets moist from sweat.

And though inversion therapy does not make a person that sweaty, if you are planning to use one of these machines for inverted exercises, wiping down the sweat in between sets or repetitions might be tiresome for you.

You can prepare a cloth for this purpose beforehand. Also, it is advised that you take a break for a minute or so when using exercising, and you can use this time to wipe off the moisture from the table if it gets too slippery for you.


Emer’s line of inversion tables are constructed with the user’s comfort and safety as top priority. Given the brand’s affordable prices, the customer is still provided with quality materials that make each buck worth it.

With their standard safety features, including their long handlebars and padded ankle lock systems, their sturdy heavy steel frame and their comfortable padded leather material, they are good for beginners who are not used to the exercise yet.

It is sturdy enough to hold exercise positions without sacrificing the comfort of the user. So, if you are planning on investing on a good inversion therapy device, consider Emer as a choice.

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