Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table Review

health mark pro max inversion table

Inversion tables are all the rage these days. People are using them for inversion therapy or some other form of inverted exercises. However, not all inversion tables can handle therapy and exercise at the same time; most of the lower-priced inversion tables are developed for inversion therapy and nothing else.

Nowadays, people are looking to buy things that have more than just one purpose. And so, in this review, we examine the Health Mark Pro Max inversion table, one of the highest-priced inversion tables in the market today. It is an inversion table, an inverted exercise equipment and a massage table all in one.

We determine if this inversion table can deliver results that are worth the investment you may put in, or if you should opt to purchase a cheaper brand and model instead.

Quick Summary


  • Superb materials
  • Allows for face-down inversion
  • Plenty of angle options


  • Very expensive
  • Quite heavy
  • Not foldable

The Health Mark Pro Max inversion table is one of the best out there. But, with its expensive price tag, it is smarter to invest your money on something that is affordable and durable at the same time.

Health Mark Pro Max Inversion Table Features

The Health Mark Pro Max inversion table outshines most competitors when it comes to its maximum weight and height capacities. This inversion table can carry up to 600 pounds. It also accommodates users from 4 feet 9 inches to 6 feet 10 inches.

pro max features

However, at only 28-inch wide, it might not be able to fit people of larger size.

It has six preset angle settings that users can utilize for both inversion therapy and inverted exercises. This feature easily adjusts the difficulty of inverted exercises depending on the current expertise of the person using it.

Moreover, it has long and arched handlebars that makes any angle easier and more secure for the user. The padded front and rear ankle support will also ensure safety while the user is hanging upside-down.

The main table, in addition, is designed like a massage table for maximum comfort. The headrest has a hole, and so the user can lay on his stomach during inversion therapy if he or she wants to.


pro max pros

The most remarkable advantage of the Health Mark Pro Max compared to its competitors is its materials.

Unlike other brands and models that use hollow steel pipes for the frame, the Pro Max inversion table uses heavy gauge steel that keeps it strong and sturdy during use.

It does not wobble or move while the user is doing exercises and stretches on it. Meanwhile, the main table is made out of firm padded material.

It is also designed like a massage table, with an adjustable crescent headrest that allows the user to do face-down inversion therapy without any problems.

Aside from comfort, it also takes safety into consideration. Its ankle support system secures and supports the user during the exercise.

It is padded as well, and it is matched with a non-slip foot plate that makes inverted exercises and stretches more convenient and safe.

The Pro Max table also makes inversion easier with its 6 pre-set angle settings. The user can adjust the angle before lying down on the table and lowering it closer to the table.

This wider range of angle options also allow the user to determine which setting is most comfortable for him or her, depending on the exercise that he or she wants to perform using the equipment.


The Pro Max is made out of heavy gauge tubular steel that ensures stability and safety during use. However, the materials used to construct this equipment also makes it weigh more than most of its competitors.

At ninety-eight pounds, it is impossible to move this inversion table to different parts of the house without another person’s help.

If you live in an apartment or don’t have a room dedicated for workout equipment, it will take a lot of space as well because it cannot be folded up and stored away. It does come in castors, but you will still need a friend to move it around.

Because of its weight and complex design, it also takes a lot of time to assemble this equipment. While some of its competitors can be easily set up in thirty minutes or less, the Health Mark Pro Max inversion table will take at least an hour and a half to two hours to complete assembly. Setting it up will also be a challenge to do alone because of its heavy parts.

Lastly, the Health Mark Pro Max is on the higher end of the price spectrum; other brands and models of inversion tables have prices that begin at less than a hundred dollars.

With this huge of a margin, you might want to check out other inversion tables first before purchasing the Pro Max brand, especially if you do not plan to use the equipment on a regular basis.


The main objective of  this inversion table is to provide long-time care for the spine and back muscles. The price, however, might not sound justifiable to someone who only wants to relieve spinal pressure and tension whenever it builds up – in all honestly, it seems a bit overpriced.

There are cheaper brands that can do the same without hurting your wallet too much. However, if you intend to use the equipment for regular back and overall body exercises, the Health Mark Pro Max inversion table is a great investment. Its high durability will make sure that you can use it for years without it tearing or falling apart.

Otherwise, you should purchase an inversion table that is priced way lower than the Health Mark Pro Max model and brand. There are other inversion tables at $100 to $200 that are durable enough to handle both exercise and therapy, and that are smaller and lighter for storage convenience.

You should also consider buying an inversion table that can be folded up and stored underneath the bed, especially if you live in a small space.

The Health Mark Pro Max inversion table is one of the best out there. But, with its expensive price tag, it is smarter to invest your money on something that is affordable and durable at the same time.

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