Innova Inversion Table: Fitness ITX9250 Review

innova inversion table

Inversion therapy allows the spine to decompress by shifting the pull of gravity on the body. It is often practiced by people who are experiencing back pain, whether it’s from laborious physical work or an eight-to-five office job that entails constant sitting.

While gravity boots are a popular means to inversion therapy, inversion tables are also gaining recognition because, unlike gravity boots, they allow the user to choose whether to go completely upside down or to rest at an angle.

When it comes to inversion tables, the Innova Fitness ITX9250 is the clear choice. You’ll find out why in this review.

Quick Summary


  • Very affordable
  • Sturdy for it’s price
  • Lightweight, easy to store


  • Low weight capacity
  • Back padding lacking
  • Single purpose

Overall, the Innova inversion table is not only affordable compared to its competitors. It is a good and reasonable purchase although the price does set some performance limits.

Innova Inversion Table Features

innnova fitness feature

The Innova Fitness ITX9250 inversion table has a compact design that makes it practical to keep and store in the house. It has a padded headrest and a mesh backrest that ensures comfort and support. The mesh backrest also allows the air to flow freely during exercise, minimizing (if not completely eliminating) sweating while the equipment is in use.

This inversion table, moreover, has a three-position safety bar that allows the user to choose among three angle options. Because of this feature, the ITX9250 makes inversion therapy a lot easier, especially for beginners.

Those who are new to inversion therapy can slowly adjust the angle setting of the equipment until they feel comfortable enough to go all the way upside-down.

At the same time, users who have been doing inversion therapy can also try the different angle settings depending on the amount of pain that they have on their backs.

Also, it features foam leg rollers and handlebars to add extra safety precautions for users. While other inversion tables have leg straps to secure the user during exercise, Innova’s design allows the user to have free movement on the feet.

It is not restricting nor unsafe; in fact, users are more comfortable with the leg rollers because they can adjust their feet whenever they want to. The handlebars also allow the user to keep the equipment steady when leaving the angled position.


innova fitness pros

Beginning with its most attractive feature, the Innova inversion table is priced about half as much as other brands. Its low cost, however, should not be mistaken for unreliability and weakness.

Even though it has a significantly lower price than many other inversion table brands, it is designed economically, taking into consideration the sturdiness of the equipment and the comfort of the user.

It is also priced lower because of its lightweight parts which, in result, allow it to be easily carried and transported whenever needed.

The Fitness ITX9250 inversion table is also very safe for users. Its simple design and safety features allow the user to feel comfortable when using the equipment. As mentioned previously, this inversion table has a three-position safety bar that ensures the security of the person using it.

In addition, the table will not shift or move during exercise because its four-point, pod-style base will keep it in place.

Moreover, it comes with few pieces, enabling the user to assemble it with no sweat. Also mentioned earlier is its lightweight components, which also ensures an easy set up process.


One of the few things that setback the Innova inversion table is that it can’t be used for other purposes other than inversion therapy. Unlike its higher-priced competitors, Innova’s compact design can’t handle other exercises, such as inverted crunches.

It is priced lower than its alternatives; therefore, the usage of this equipment will obviously be limited as well.

Another issue with the this table’s design is its dimensions. Bigger and/or taller users might not be able to use this inversion table because it is a bit slim and short. (It can only be extended up to about six feet tall, while the width is just a little over two feet.)

Its lightweight materials may not be able to carry heavier people as well. The weight limit for this equipment is about two hundred and fifty pounds.

Lastly, its mesh backrest may not be comfortable enough for people who want more back support. This feature may feel too risky to some users, especially to beginners.


Based on its price, the quality of the product is remarkable. Although some buyers may want an equipment where they can do other exercises as well, the Innova Fitness ITX9250 inversion table delivers extraordinarily when it comes to inversion therapy.

Its compact and lightweight design makes it easy to store, transport and use, and its durable steel parts ensure sturdiness and safety for users. To top it all off, the piece de resistance of this product is its three-position safety bar that allows the user to change angle settings whenever he or she deems it proper.

Overall, the Innova inversion table is not only affordable compared to its competitors; it is a good and reasonable purchase as well.

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