Inversion Table Accessories: Power Up Your Inversion Experience!

inversion table accessories

Inversion therapy can be done as easily as hanging upside-down for ten to fifteen minutes a day (with a minute or two break every once in a while to avoid lightheadedness and faintness) so as to eliminate back pain on the lumbar area.

By inverting the body, you shift the pull of gravity on your body and, in the process, release the stress that gravity has placed on your spine. You can cure several back issues with inversion therapy.

Examples of these back issues include acute or chronic back pain, herniated discs, sciatic nerve pain and (possibly) scoliosis.

Inversion therapy can be done with a simple inversion table. You can find an inversion table that will remove your irritating back pain.

Most people who practice inversion therapy (and inverted exercises, for that matter) are content with a simple and comfortable inversion table design.

However, you can elevate your inversion therapy experience by using inversion table accessories that make your exercise a lot more comfortable and challenging at the same time.

There are also inversion table accessories that add convenience and security as well. Here are some examples of inversion table accessories from the brand Teeter that you can purchase for and use on your equipment.

Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes

teeter acupressure nodes

Teeter’s Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes work well with its ComforTrak or Flex Technology design.

These Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes are inserted through the holes on the table to put pressure on the muscles, like a shiatsu-style massager as you rock your inversion table up and down.

They come in four different sizes to stimulate pressure points on your back and you can place them on the table however you want, depending on your back’s needs, comfort and preference.

Better Back Decompression Arch

Better Back Decompression Arch

Teeter’s Better Back Decompression Arch (comes in blue or black) provides additional traction during your inverted stretch and exercise.

Depending on the results that you want to achieve, you can adjust this Better Back Decompression Arch to a subtle arch for support or to a dramatic arch to increase flexibility and strength.

You can place this decompression arch as high or as low on the table depending on your preference as well. In addition, you can pair this product with Teeter’s Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes to combine traction and massage on one exercise.

Just like the Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes, the Better Back Decompression Arch is also suitable on any of Teeter’s inversion tables with the ComforTrak design.

Better Back Lumbar Bridge

teeter lumbar bridge

Teeter’s Better Back Lumbar Bridge works just like its Better Back Decompression Arch. It acts as additional support and traction for the user during stretch and exercise.

It can improve your flexibility and strength if you use it regularly while you perform inversion therapy. Depending on your goals, you can place this accessory around the middle to lower back area.

You can also pair it with Teeter’s Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes to improve your exercise experience.

Again, Teeter’s Better Back Lumbar Bridge is compatible with any of its inversion tables that has the ComforTrak design.

Better Back Vibration Cushion

vibration cushion

Teeter’s Better Back Vibration Cushion is somewhat like its Better Back Adjustable Acupressure Nodes; it acts as a massage accessory that helps ease soreness in the muscles and the spine.

It has ten vibrating massage motors with varying intensity options that you can choose from. The vibrating massage motors provide pulsations and waves that relaxes the muscles and helps the spine to decompress.

In addition, Teeter’s Better Back Vibration Cushion comes with a neck support system that keeps the neck in a nice arched position, helping the spine to realign on its natural curve. You can the neck support on its own or with the cushion so as to stretch your back further during inversion.

Lastly, Teeter’s Better Back Vibration Cushion is controlled with an LCD remote control that lets you choose among speed and intensity options. The remote control also has target zone settings and an optional light-heat option that allows you to truly personalize your experience.

This inversion table accessory is made from microfiber and polyfoam. It comes with a storage pouch that is attached on the main cushion, allowing for easy storage and quick access of the remote control.

Stretch Traction Handles

stretch traction handles

Teeter’s EZ Stretch Traction Handles add extra safety during use. It adds traction during inversion therapy so you can practice and improve on your stretching exercises. You can also use these handles to release yourself from the inverted position.

Teeter’s EZ Stretch Traction Handles are coated in rubber to make them durable and comfortable during use.

Our 2 Cents With These Inversion Table Accessories

A sturdy and comfortable inversion therapy is enough to perform effective inversion therapy for your lower back pains. However, if you want to improve your exercise over time, you should consider investing on inversion table accessories as well. They will not only make your exercise more comfortable; they will also improve the effectiveness of inversion therapy and your inversion table.

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